Family Accommodation in Coolum Beach

With holiday time just around the corner again…Element on Coolum Beach offers fantastic Coolum Accommodation that suits the entire family.

Read what a recent guest had to say after enjoying their Sunshine Coast holiday in great Coolum Accommodation at Element On Coolum Beach…

Coolum Family Accommodation Review

“I would like to share some of our experience during a recent family holiday at Element on Coolum Beach. The boys always help me pack for our annual holidays at Coolum Beach – they put their fishing rods in. The only time these 2 teenagers get out of bed before midday is to go fishing, which is why these breaks are so precious to Mum and I. It’s a chance to slow down, look around and appreciate what we have as a family. We get there late afternoon and immediately head to the beach looking for the tide and any gutters that might be there. The 1st night is spend checking on tackle, bait etc. The only urgency of our holidays is the alarm that goes off ½ hour pre-dawn when we then walk to the beach. The boys couldn’t get their lines wet quick enough and I noticed an Osprey looking for early pickings. Suddenly the sun crept above the waterline and Jason, my eldest, who had been a picture of concentration let go…”I’ve got one”. Rod bent over, water gushing between his toes, winding hard, encouraging words from his brother ringing in his ears, he pulled in a bream. Dane’s rod vibrated, jerked and bent over………..a lovely school of bream. I felt real proud of myself. I’d noticed the birds feeding on baitfish, the bream were hungry (always are early), the early sunrise was just stunning and I had my boys with me. We caught plenty, but kept 3 nice bream and a flathead. We always take the apartment facing North East overlooking the pool at Element on Coolum Beach. That is where we found Mum catching up on the gossip mags. We all had breakfast together and you guessed it, the 2 boys went back to bed til midday. No wonder they are growing up so quickly. That is why these family breaks at Coolum Beach are so precious to us.”

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